2012-03 Building the Thomas Wood Path by West Dunbartonshire Community Payback Team

There are photographs of each stage of the path building process:


During Construction


All photographs: WDC CPO

All photographs in these three pages were supplied by West Dunbartonshire Community Payback Team. When a sentence includes hours of Community Service this is one place where those man-hours were put to good use.

Where individuals can be recognised, they are either supervisors or clients who have given permission for their photograph to be shown. In some photographs it appears that all work is done with hood up. This is because the teams were warned that a photograph was to be taken. Some clients turned their backs to the camera, others raised their hoods.

Many of the clients took a great pride in their work. One young lad was heard to remark, pointing to a finished section, “I built that path.” No matter that their were a dozen others and much background work, he took ownership of that path, and possibly for the first time in his life, had an achievement that he could show to others and have pride in.

There was also the story of a young lad who appeared for service one Wednesday morning. He knew that Tuesdays and Thursdays were his days but he had nothing else to do so came along to help. This tale will not please the “flog ‘em, hang ‘em” brigade but for those who see Community Service as a way back into work, it is heartening.

It was comments like these which encouraged Justice Secretary Kenny McAskill to visit and to see the work of the team for himself. You can read about the his visit here.