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2012-05-21 Opening of the Thomas Wood Path by Gil Paterson, MSP

DSC00135 (2).JPG

Picture above: Left to right:

Cllr Jim Gibbons, EDC

Ian Deuchar, Rotarian

Provost Douglas McAllister, WDC

Cllr Gail Casey WDC

Iain MacVoy, Rotarian

Freda Baxter, sister of Tam Wood

Gil Paterson, MSP

Bill Docherty, Rotarian

Michelle Dinning, fiancée of Tam Wood

Vincent Cuddihy, Rotarian

Bill Freeland, WDC CPO

Iain R White, Rotarian

Picture Right. Gil Paterson opens Path

Left to right:

Freda Baxter, sister of Tam Wood

Gil Paterson, MSP

Michelle Dinning, fiancée of Tam Wood

Everyone had arrived early on the the Monday morning, waiting for Gil Paterson, MSP, who arrived promptly. We had asked him to open the path and he was delighted to agree.

We informed Gil of the news of Tam’s death. He spoke quietly for some time to Tam’s fiancée and sister and invited them to hold the ceremonial ribbon. Gil discarded his prepared speech and movingly expressed the sentiments of us all. He dedicated the path to the memory of Tam Wood and named it the Thomas Wood Path. The ribbon was then cut and I am sure that the two parts are now treasured memorabilia.

Signs at each end were erected by the Council and the name now appears on Google Maps.  

Article by Iain R White

Photograph: Ian Mills