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Clyde Coastal Path



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2021-06-21 First contact with Langbank Community Council

Notes on a Zoom Meeting


Clyde Coastal Path (CCP)


Langbank Community Council (LCC)

2021-06-21 1930

[Relevant items not mentioned at the meeting are show thus.]


Carly Deheer LCC  

Jacqueline Doherty LCC Secretary

Iain R White CCP Route Manager


The Clyde Coastal Path was constructed and built by six Rotary Clubs. The Langbank section is under the aegis of Gourock Rotary Club and specifically Jim Blair, currently recuperating. Firth o Clyde Rotary Trail (FoCRT) incorporates CCP and a further two Rotary Club. FoCRT runs from the Mull of Galloway to Milngavie.


The Langbank Community Council is a body elected to look after the local interests of the Langbank community. Their next meeting is 2021-08-11 1930 and IRW or CCP are invited. If attending, CCP will be early on agenda to allow CCP to leave.

Other Elected Persons with known interests:

Neil Barrington LCC Chair

Graeme Dey Transport Minister Scottish Government

Nathalie Don  Councillor Renfrewshire County Council (RCC)

Nathalie Don  MSP Renfrewshire North and West

Colin McCulloch Councillor RCC

James McLaren Councillor RCC

Michael Matheson Cabinet Secretary Scottish Government

Gavin Newlands MP Paisley and Renfrewshire North

Comments on the CCP near Langbank

Route to Woodhall is 6 km of good surface path but close to A8 and without a crash barrier.

To the east, the first section of off road path is often muddy and subject to flooding. It is believed that RCC are investigating. Further on the path is tarmac. Alternative is membrane, type 1 and blaes. Community Payback might be able to assist with labour but not materials. Further on, the wide path is subject to fly tipping.

Residents of Langbank are, in general, unaware of the CCP. [CCP have CCP and FoCRT pamphlets which could be given to LCC if they could arrange distribution.]

Concept of Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge across A8

LCC support to concept of a pedestrian and cycle bridge over the A8 near the railway bridge. The A8 is a trunk road controlled by Transport Scotland.

Residents feel trapped by the railway and hills to the south of the village and the A8 and Clyde to the north. The only public transport is by railway which has two trains per hour. Accordingly resident tend to use cars for all journeys. The bridge would greatly extend the walking and cycling range of residents to the shore and to Port Glasgow, reducing the number of car miles.

The cost of a bridge is thought to be about £500,000 depending on whether it could cross the A8 at right angles are be forced to be parallel with the railway bridge which might be more aesthetic.

There would need to be a ramp suitable for wheelchairs and cycles at the north end. At the south end the ramp would be shorter and meet the path incline at the end of the village.

The path tacked to side of the railway bridge would be far a cheaper option but it is thought that Network Rail discourage cycle and pedestrian traffic so close to the railway.

The cost could be offset by removing the immediate pressure for a crash barrier along the side of the A8 to Woodhall, [perhaps costing £300,000,] as pedestrian and cycle traffic would be diverted to the north of, and separated from, the A8

Could RCC design the bridge to enable costs to be calculated?

The route from the north side of the bridge to the existing route of the CCP north of the Woodhall roundabout would need to be agreed with the RCC access officer. LCC might walk this route to assess feasibility. Jim Blair has already looked at this route but a few years ago. Note that the Finlaystone Burn must be crossed. The Inverclyde / RCC frontier runs down this burn.

Is there a way forward?

Independently of the bridge, CCP and LCC should work together on any matter concerning CCP near Langbank.

On the bridge concept, clearly the foregoing is first elementary explorative step, taken with no commitment by any party. LCC are keen on the idea and CCP will discuss at a future meeting. To progress, the next stage is surely a meeting with all elected bodies, CCP and Sustrans.

Notes prepared by Iain R White, CCP.  

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