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Clyde Coastal Path

Clyde Coastal Path



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2021-08-27 Inaugural Meeting of the Liaison Committee

The “Terms of Reference” of the Liaison Committee were set out as:

Objective: To reroute the Clyde Coastal Path between the Eastern end of Kelburn Park and Langbank or the use of pedestrians (with or without dogs), cyclists and wheelchair users.

Advantages to CCP: The current route is about 6 km along the A8, It is not particularly interesting and lacks a crash barrier between the footpath and the ever increasingly busy A8. The shore route, using the new bridge would be much more interesting and much safer.

Advantages to LCC: Langbank is currently positioned between major transport arteries, the railway to the south and the A8 trunk road to the north. An alternative pedestrian and cycle route would greatly enhance the ability to leave and enter Langbank without using a car.

Proposal: To form a working group committee to assess the feasibility and timescale of the project, access funds and build the new route.

Perhaps the steps are:

Establish that there is a good route from Kel Burn Park to the north end of the bridge. Inverclyde would also need to be involved. If the route is not feasible, CCP cannot be involved. 

Establish that the route from the north end of the bridge to West Ferry is not feasible. If feasible, perhaps CCP would not be involved in the bridge.

Create a Group with the objective of building the bridge. (Why do we want a bridge? How would it be used?)

Can we use the existing railway bridge?

If not, can the bridge go straight across the A8?

Design the bridge and path infrastructure from Woodhall for cost. RCC and another.  

Find funds

Build bridge and route from Kelburn Park

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